Launched in July 2014, the 100 Club Mayoral Initiative gives private sector organisations the opportunity to be part of the hugely popular International Mersey River Festival. The event attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year and celebrates Liverpool’s maritime heritage, utilising the iconic waterfront to not only stage a whole raft of activities but also play host to a free music concert.

half-cont-area-x325px-1The development of the 100 Club has the backing and support of the Mayor of Liverpool, with the vision of catapulting The International Mersey River Festival on to a global platform, building international relationships with other ports and maritime cities which will have a positive impact on visitor numbers boosting the region’s economy.

Members have access to a wide range of benefits as well as the opportunity to secure one of three main sponsorship prizes which include:

  • Festival Title Sponsor
  • Music Element Sponsor
  • Overall Sponsor of the Community/Family Programme

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100Gala dinner prize draw opportunity

Each year at the annual gala dinner, we will select three lucky prize winners from the membership base, who will have naming rights to three elements of the programme.

Prize 1

  • Headline Sponsor of 2017 River Festival Event
  • Extensive media coverage across all marketing platforms
  • Brand presence across city dressing, print and social media platforms

Prize 2

  • Headline Sponsor of music element of the festival
  • Brand coverage via associated media partner
  • Inclusion across all print and social media platforms

Prize 3

  • Sponsor will headline and support the community & family programme
  • Enhance your CSR strategy through the programme
  • Brand engagement with communities, schools, colleges and art organisations
As business members of the 100 Club Mayoral Initiative, Quantum of Value are keen to utilise the successful International Mersey River Festival to showcase Liverpool as a competitive and world-class destination not just for tourism, but for businesses too. With benefits including business-to-business networking events, VIP festival hospitality and branding opportunities, we are positioned to utilise and contribute to the success of this initiative and would encourage other businesses to also pledge their support.
Allison Bacher, Managing Partner of Quantum of Value